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Tax Planning

I'll work side-by-side

with you so neither of

us get blindsided.

I offer a full array of accounting services. From business formation to filing of the returns, I can handle all of your accounting needs. I was the Chief Financial Officer for a small business for 12 years. I understand cash flow, financial reporting, receivables and payables, payroll and sales taxes. I'll sweat the details so you won't have to!

I look like your typical accountant. Bald, wearing wire-rimmed glasses, perfectly pressed shirt, everything about me screams boring. But once you get to know me, I think you'll find that I'm anything but your typical accountant.  Customer service is my first priority. I am ready to help you obtain your goals and dreams.




Do you feel like you are overpaying in taxes? Ha!  Don't we all. We will work together to put more money in your pocket. I have over 30 years of experience in preparing personal income taxes and am authorized to file in every state. From tax planning to IRS letters, I can handle it all. You'll soon see why over 98% of my clients return annually. 


Michael Koziol, EA



Chief Financial Officer

Outsource your CFO services, saving you money while boosting cash flow!


Federal and State Forms

I'll help you obtain all the tax IDs and forms you need, both personally and corporately.

Company Structure

I'll explain the different entity choices and help you decide which one is right for you.